AAUP–Penn Condemns Linfield University’s Firing of Daniel Pollack-Pelzner

AAUP–Penn joins colleagues across the profession in protesting Linfield University’s firing of Professor Daniel Pollack-Pelzner. All reporting on this decision suggests a clear violation of due process. Professor Pollack-Pelzner’s firing is especially troubling as it appears to be the institution’s response to his speaking out about multiple student and faculty allegations of sexual misconduct by Board Members and about antisemitic comments made to him by the University President and by the Chair of the Board when he attempted to raise these concerns internally as a faculty trustee.

Linfield University’s statement of April 27th, 2021, which characterizes this abrupt firing of a tenured faculty member as the result of his “insubordinate” conduct toward administrators, only adds to the appearance of retaliation against a whistleblower speaking up for students and colleagues. Inside Higher Education reported on April 27th that the University shut down its faculty listserv to prevent discussion of this action, a disturbing development in itself. No university can be permitted simply to terminate the employment of a faculty critic without a hearing and then to silence all further discussion of the matter.

We invite those who share our concern to sign this letter in support of Pollack-Pelzner against the Linfield University administration’s decision to fire him.

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